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DIY Gamer Kit by Technology Will Save Us
DIY Gamer Kit by Technology Will Save Us

DIY Gamer Kit by Technology Will Save Us

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This Technology Will Save Us D.I.Y. Gamer Kit is the perfect gift for science and technology buffs!  Make your gamer from scratch by soldering it together. Play addictive games and download more from the Technology Will Save Us website. Code your own games and master your handheld console.

This D.I.Y. Gamer Kit is one of several kits in the fabulous range of STEM educational activities from Technology Will Save Us.  Kits are specially designed to develop science, technology, math & engineering skills in children of all ages. 

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What is Arduino?
Arduino Uno is the brain of your gamer. It's a teeny tiny board that, in conjunction with the materials in this kit and open source computer software, will enable you to program your own games.

Age: 12+
Difficulty: Adventurous
Making time: "2hrs of making"

You will need: (not included)
9v Battery
Soldering iron
Internet access